Abuse notification

You are the moderator and can therefore judge whether an experience that has been reported is genuinely abusive on the part of its creator or has been reported wrongly.

One of the principles of AllPeople is the desire not to judge content.

Indeed, this judgement is coloured by all the cultures, religions and opinions of the person who might be judging.

Humanity is vast and AllPeople wishes to convey its diversity in content without applying any legal censorship other than the censorship of the countries in which the content is viewed.

Any individual judgement is therefore outlawed and censorship must only be legal, and only in browsing.

If the sharing is public and may cause offence but remains legal in at least one country, the report is abusive.

If the sharing is public and is illegal in all countries (or causes sufficient offence to the AllPeople-minded moderator), it may be unpublished.

If the sharing is illegal and the User is a repeat offender, he or she may then be banned.

It’s up to you, our moderator friends, to be the ‘judge’ and uphold the values of the project by acting, like the owl APY, as the protector of the project’s values.

As far as legal censorship is concerned, future versions of AllPeople will be able to filter content (AI and automatons) in order to comply as closely as possible with the legal criteria of each country of distribution, so this is not the role of the moderators, barring a few exceptions…