This contact page contains all the information you need to contact the AllPeople team.

If you would like to express your opinion on the AllPeople application or on the subject of digital heritage:

A single email address for all your other needs:

We will respond to all your solicitations, whether they be questions, information or requests to get in touch or help us or ideas to improve the application.

If you would like to contact the founder directly, please use (or +33 6 37 54 97 59).

If you’re missing information or don’t understand something, don’t hesitate.

Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 10am, a webinar is organised by the founder to get in direct contact with all the users and explain, answer questions and receive your commitments or ideas. Come one, come all!

Tuesday link, from 9am to 9.55am: Tuesday Teams link.

Thursday link, from 9am to 9.55am: Thursday Teams link.

And don’t hesitate to react if there’s something missing from this contact page.