Experience addition

Why add an experience

Adding an experience is at the heart of sharing with the AllPeople application.

AllPeople only allows you to share Experiences.

An experience is an aggregate of media that have been previously stored in your personal media space.

So, before creating Experiences, you must first have the media present in the media section of the application, i.e. in your personal space.

What makes up an experience

The title defines the text that Users can search for when they see it.

The comment gives the purpose and description of the experiment.

Access defines whether or not the experiment can be published.

Public: Everyone will see the experiment created.

Personal: No one will have access to it or see it.

Private: Only members of one or more lists of your choice will have access.

When Private is selected, the lists are displayed below for selection.

Categories and sub-categories are used to classify experiences.

It is possible, without restriction, to add several categories and sub-categories per category.

Finally, you can add one or more media to your experience to create its body.

Putting several media together can form a story or a coherent whole representing what you want to share.

The order of the media can be changed to best reflect your sharing.

Once you have created it, you can modify or delete it as you wish.