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There you go, you’ve arrived at AllPeople, register to be identified and you’ll be able to contribute to and manage your intra-family transmission.


You are in the AllPeople application and have just clicked/tapped on the owl. The owl APY is the guardian of the values of the AllPeople concept and association, but it is also the bearer of contextual help when you are using the application.

Pressing APY launches a pop-up window on the surface of the application, and by pressing APY again you can return to exactly where you were before in the application. So it’s an aid you can try out at any time without losing anything you were doing.

AllPeople is the project to preserve the memory of the individuals who make up our humanity. It is a long-term project. AllPeople’s vocation is to offer a social service enabling each of us to leave something of ourselves during our lifetime and beyond. What’s more, the concept adds the notion of browsing this memory by giving Users the opportunity to discover the contributions that are accessible to them or simply public.

AllPeople is primarily used for secure, simple and reliable sharing within a family.

You are not yet a registered User. AllPeople does not know your first or last name. For this reason, and in order to respect the founding principles of the concept (“identification”), you cannot submit a contribution in your name. You can, however, browse the public contributions of AllPeople Users.

Don’t hesitate to create your account to enter the AllPeople universe and start contributing to the memory of humanity.

It is basically a charitable project, so the only financial contribution required is when the User wishes to share an experience with a list of Users registered on AllPeople (for example, a grandfather will share photos of his children and grandchildren – of whom he will have a list in the AllPeople application). Everything else is free once you’ve registered: giving for everyone, browsing what’s available, helping others.

See you soon