Navigation filter

Once AllPeople has become the main tool for managing intangible heritage, there will be a considerable number of shares.

In the current version (MVP), there will already be a significant number.

A filter function has therefore been introduced to make it easier to find the shares that might be of interest to us.

Note that these filters, once saved, can be found in your browsing history on the home page.

What are these filters?

You can already filter by User. In other words, you can designate one or more Users who are responsible for sharing so that you can find their contributions.

For example, you can designate your parents as Users and find their creations.

The type of access to shares is also a filter criterion. By clicking on “private”, you can find shares that have been made specifically for you in private mode*.

The type of media included in the shares can also be a filtering factor. I’m in the underground and I don’t want to see any videos or hear any disturbing sounds, so I can filter on images and text to keep a low profile.

Finally, categories and sub-categories can also be a filtering factor, so that you can focus your search on a specific subject and type of content when sharing.

For example, I could search for “Life lesson” / “Financial” and find everything that has been shared on the subject.

It goes without saying that these filters do not affect the shares themselves, but simply reduce the number of accessible shares to make browsing easier.