002 AllPeople, a mission and a desire

In some cultures that are still oral, today’s blind and deaf information technology destroys rather than helps.

It does not give the elders the opportunity to preserve their unique cultures and knowledge.

Instead, it tends to standardize knowledge.

“Papi, Google is stronger than you!

But no, in fact, Google can’t survive when there’s no water, it doesn’t know the family history or the secrets of the village.

So there’s an urgent need to preserve what only the elders know and still want to share.

I saw it as an emergency, a mission, a social service, a personal and collective project, a desire to participate in this digital age.

I also wanted to be able to access this memory of humanity.

To find myself there, to walk around, like in a park.

Following the eyes of a squirrel, finding unexpected things and letting myself be guided by the sharing.

Finding humanities that I wouldn’t even need to look for.

That’s the AllPeople project that I want, that I’m making a reality.

It’s about preserving what everyone wants to share by turning it into a social service.

And it also means being able to access all this sharing of humanity, over time.