003 AllPeople, an old idea?

So why didn’t you do it before?

First of all, technically speaking, it wasn’t as easy as it is today.

With a smartphone you can do everything, either yourself or with the help of a third party.

There was no need for a structured intergenerational organization to help people share the content they wanted.

Secondly, in terms of digital literacy, society is evolving and changing.

Yesterday’s parents and grandparents didn’t know what was going on, and some kept a reasonable distance from change.

Our children and grandchildren are practically all digitally literate, and soon there will be no other way to share.

We are at a crossroads, for all those who are reaching the mid-life crisis.

Half of them use the tools and will be able to switch to the world of their descendants.

So it’s time to build on this understanding of digital technology and start addressing the problem of intangible heritage.

There is still the third obstacle, but one that is not about to disappear.

The taboo of death, which means that everyone rejects it in their activities and in our lives.

The long term, beyond one’s generation, which can still cause panic and which often does not interest sales people and other investors.

This one will be around for a long time to come!