HN000 EN AllPeople, the digital heritage

Hello everybody.
I’m going to talk about digital heritage.
I’ve had this idea in my head for 35 years.
We’re using computers more and more.
In our work, in our lives, everywhere.
Seeing what we do with it, we can sometimes wonder if it’s really useful.
And yet, we can keep our data forever
if we change the medium regularly.
And now is the right time:
we’re ready to share our digital heritage.
Our heritage is our life experiences, our points of view, our tastes, our wishes.
Everything we want to share and leave behind.
And as well as keeping it safe, we’ll also be able to navigate in it.
We’ll be able to see what’s been given to everyone and what’s been entrusted to us personally.
Everyone can voluntarily leave a trace that resembles them.
This multitude of shared experiences will give us a new view of our humanity.
For families today, there’s nothing dedicated to transmission.
Despite their best efforts, almost all families fail to keep their stories alive.
This has to improve.
So I set up an association called AllPeople and wrote a book on the subject.
We will open this social service in 2024 and make it accessible to all.
Soon, an application of the same name will enable families to manage their digital heritage.
Your many ideas can complement this vision.
Join this adventure and contribute to the creation of a digital world useful to humanity!
Thank you