HN002 We are not rabbits

Hello Everybody
Rabbits are a wonderful species of animal.
They only eat plants.
And they proliferate by reproduction.
Their extreme fertility enables them to preserve their species.
They would have no limits were it not for the large numbers of predators.
But what does this have to do with digital heritage?
Apart from himself, man no longer has any predators.
There’s nothing to stop us from proliferating and consuming all our planet’s resources.
Of course, his reproduction is associated with other things than the survival of his species.
To pleasure, to the divine gift of life, to the desire to transmit and to love in general.
Even if we sometimes fear overpopulation, we cannot deny this right to life.
The digital transmission of our heritage offers us another way forward.
A transmission that doesn’t pass through the genes.
It’s a transmission that takes place through the will and sharing of our humanities.
One that uses our individuality to enrich our collective.
Enter this new era of sharing and overcome your animality (just a little).
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Thank you