HN003 Open software, open people!

The open source concept is a dream come true.
It was born of networking and the ability to connect together on a project.
Since then, we’ve known how to work together on a common goal.
The notion of money disappears from these collaborations.
The strength and will of numbers has given rise to many innovations.
The software industry needs this open, non-commercial concept.
Man also needs it for his individual sharing.
Let’s apply this open source concept to our sharing.
We can share our experiences without limiting constraints.
We can all move forward together without signing contracts.
Let’s not judge the importance of the sharing that each of us wants to do.
It frees us from our constraints and increases our creativity tenfold.
We stop closing ourselves off and open up to others.
We also benefit from the wisdom of our peers: he who gives, receives.
Let’s be open and free, let’s give to others and to everyone.