Registration form as a registered user

Register as a registered user.

This step is necessary to be able to start contributing and sharing your own experiences with all or those you have chosen. If you want to leave a bit of yourself on AllPeople, you need to be formally identified by AllPeople to guarantee that it is you, a real person, who is contributing.

Info: AllPeople’s “identification” principle applies and guarantees that each contribution is honest and under the responsibility of an identified contributor.

Your data will be secure, managed in accordance with the RGPD rules in force in Europe and respected by AllPeople, and will be destroyed at your request if you wish to close your account and no longer contribute.

What information is requested and why?

Your surname and usual first name (usually the first) are obviously necessary.

The other first names will help to distinguish you from homonyms (people who might have the same first and last names as you). They are optional, however, as we are combining the information that will help to distinguish you (and this is not the most important, nor the easiest to use).

The date of birth will also be used to identify you easily and will sometimes be requested by certain security procedures at a later date.

The country will allow AllPeople to respect the legal censorship linked to your usual browsing and to warn you, should you move to another country, that the legal censorship of the country you are in will apply to your browsing. Note: in the MVP (pilot application), this rule only partially applies.

Info: AllPeople’s “legal censorship” principle applies and ensures that your browsing is legal according to the laws of the country in which you are browsing. This principle does not affect shared contributions, only access and viewing.

The postcode of your country is not compulsory, but it will be used by AllPeople to determine the distribution of the origins of contributions to ensure that all locations have the AllPeople social service and the opportunity to leave a little of themselves.

Info: AllPeople’s principle of “universality” applies and ensures that all people have access to the AllPeople service, without forgetting anyone or segregating the population.

The telephone number and email are the two ways of contacting you individually and with certainty as an individual. They are decisive pieces of information for your registration as an AllPeople Contributing User.

For each of the two, you have two options:

  • Don’t give your telephone number (or/and email), or don’t certify it with a code (equivalent).
  • Enter your telephone number (or/and email) and certify it immediately with a code according to the suggested procedure.

If you certify either your telephone number or your email address, or both, and complete the form in full, your registration will be finalised and automatically validated. You will be registered and can start contributing.

If you do not certify either of these, you can still finalise your registration. The form will then be given to the moderation team, who will judge whether your registration is acceptable with the other information received (ID, for example). It will not be validated automatically, so you will have to wait for the moderators to get back to you.

You will need a password to log in later. It is completely up to you, and you can enter any text you like. You must write it twice in the same way for the form to be validated.

Your AllPeople username is your unique identifier, your personal nickname, which you can use to log in. Again, you can choose any alphanumeric string you like. It is compulsory and must be unique in order to link your contributions to it. If you wish, you can use your email address to remember it easily.

Identity document (with selfie and date, if possible) is not compulsory. It would be useful in the event of a dispute with a third party wishing to usurp your login. It was with the aim of facilitating access to the application that this document was made non-mandatory, as we feared that it would be too restrictive for many Users.

The profile photo is not compulsory either, and its use is left to your discretion. You may, in the long term, choose the photo of yourself that you feel is most relevant to your taste.

The “Request registration as a registered user” button will immediately and automatically allow you to use AllPeople to contribute if you have at least certified your telephone number or email address.

If you have not done so, your request will go into a list of requests to be validated by the moderators. It goes without saying that it will not be accepted if you are unknown, or if you have not provided any means of contacting you. In the latter case, you will not even be informed of the decision.

That’s it, everything has been explained to you on this Registered User registration form.