Why subscribe

Subscribing gives you the right to create lists of people who will have exclusive access to what you want to publish (like the Family list, which is already included and limited to 3 people before you subscribe).

These lists will allow you to choose who will have access to your shares and to target them to the people of your choice.

For example: a children’s list, a grandchildren’s list and a combination of children’s and grandchildren’s lists will enable you to finely manage shares between your descendants.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

In the current version of the AllPeople application (the MVP), the minimum subscription is set at €1 and the recommended subscription at 5 times that amount (€5). The MVP was created to enable as many people as possible to subscribe, and is also based on a charitable reflex on the part of the project’s founder.

In some countries, it’s impossible to pay €1 (because it’s too expensive). The initial idea was to put 1 of the local currency whatever the currency. Unfortunately this is also impossible because the payment tools don’t allow it (a minimum value is required and sometimes it’s more than 1 of the local currency).

As a result, the minimum subscription has been calculated as accurately as possible for each country, then multiplied by 5 (5xthe minimum) as the recommended subscription.

On the other hand, if you have the means, you should know that the AllPeople project needs you and that in order to be able to preserve the memories you will make and share, we will need funding and your participation, especially in this start-up phase.

Note: The sponsor you designate will receive one month’s subscription payments as a bonus (cumulative but not retroactive).

How long does the subscription last?

The subscription is monthly and you can stop the monthly payment at any time.

You will benefit from the period you have already paid for and no further payments will be made. Of course, you will then lose access to your lists.

Shares already made will remain active, in the lists initially defined, but you will no longer be able to modify them or repeat them.

If you decide to stop a share, you will no longer be able to reactivate it without subscribing to a list to which you no longer have access.

However, you can re-subscribe to regain control of everything (and at the minimum cost if you can’t do any more).