Users Paths

This is where the different User paths are listed, i.e. the ways of using the application to achieve what you want to do with it.


I want to understand AllPeople and visit the application.

I want to create an experience in my personal space.

I want to share an experience for everyone.

I want to create an access list for my experiences.

I want to share an experience for a list.

I want to browse experiences.

I want to remember an experience in my favourites (not yet possible in MVP).

I want to help someone.

I want help.

I want to report an experience.

I want to get rid of an object.

I want to find something to talk about with someone at the end of their life.

I want to understand what elders think about a subject.

I want to pass on something to my family.

I want to initiate my end-of-life project and build an intangible legacy.

I want to leave a testimonial on an object that is important to me (no QR Code in the MVP).