Why AllPeople and quick instructions : 20240630 AP AllPeople APP Launch

You’re on your way! You can manage your media, create your experiences, share them with some or all, and navigate through the memories of your loved ones and of humanity.


You are in the AllPeople application and have just clicked/tapped on the owl. The owl APY is the guardian of the values of the AllPeople concept and association, but it is also the bearer of contextual help when you are using the application.

Pressing APY launches a pop-up window on the surface of the application, and by pressing APY again you can return to exactly where you were before in the application. So it’s an aid you can try out at any time without losing anything you were doing.

AllPeople is the project to preserve the memory of the individuals who make up our humanity. It is a long-term project. AllPeople’s vocation is to offer a social service enabling each of us to leave something of ourselves during our lifetime and beyond. What’s more, the concept adds the notion of browsing this memory by giving Users the opportunity to discover the contributions that are accessible to them or simply public.

You are already registered, so you can use the AllPeople application to help enrich the memory of humanity.

AllPeople is primarily used for secure, simple and reliable sharing within a family.

If you would like to share experiences only with members of your family or a specific list of people, and if you are not already a subscriber, please do not hesitate to do so. On the one hand, you will be making a financial contribution (at least 1 of the local currency per month) to the AllPeople concept, but you will also have access to all the possibilities offered by the concept and will be able to respond fully to the 5 identified needs at the heart of the project:

  • Promoting intergenerational understanding and respect: giving future generations the opportunity to understand previous generations.
  • Supporting someone at the end of their life: providing structured topics for conversation to accompany the end of life, as well as the opportunity to leave something behind in a safe and caring space.
  • Providing an end-of-life project: enabling elderly people to come out of isolation and share their experience with future generations by working on what they would like to leave behind and enhancing their self-esteem.
  • Passing on within each family: giving each family the opportunity to successfully pass on their heritage within the family, both vertically and horizontally. Every family in the world tries, and most of the time fails, to carry on beyond one generation.
  • Improve the relationship with material objects: and give each object its own story. AllPeople proposes to save the memories and feelings attached to objects and to be able to pass them on with their stories, or to part with them physically.

As a reminder, the AllPeople concept is inseparable from its 8 essential values:

  • Universality: The right for everyone to share their experiences, each individual having their own unique personal experiences.
  • Responsibility: Users are responsible for the experiences they share and their content; AllPeople, in order to preserve the memory collected, must ensure the security, integrity and preservation of the data entrusted to it.
  • Accessibility: The application must be easy to use, simple and accessible to all without the slightest difficulty.
  • Free of charge: AllPeople aims to give users the freedom to contribute and browse without any financial effort on their part (the principle of a social service). There is a system of donations and a shop where the AllPeople4 book can be purchased to support AllPeople, with no obligation.
  • Legal censorship: Browsing must allow access to the experiences submitted and to which each user will have access, while respecting the legal censorship of the country in which browsing takes place.
  • Integrity: A shared experience is indivisible and each of them may not be altered in any way. Experiences can only be modified by their author. Neither AllPeople nor another user may alter them.
  • Zero Judgement: The experiences offered by contributors will not be judged by a person or a state or religious value system. It is the memory of humanity that is being targeted, not that of a more or less highly rated part of the world.
  • Identification: A user cannot hide behind anonymity and is an identified individual. AllPeople is the memory of humanity’s individuals.

On the basis of these values and to meet the 5 needs, you have the AllPeople application in your hands and we are counting on you to discover it, leaving you complete freedom of use and control for yourself and your loved ones.

See you soon