AllPeople Posts

List and links to AllPeople posts created by the association’s founder and team.

Don’t hesitate, everything is well explained inside.

Each post is in French and English, and subtitles are included.

Here is the list of AllPeople Posts :

001 Genesis of the “AllPeople” idea

002 AllPeople, a mission and a desire

003 AllPeople, an old idea?

And here is the list of Posts on digital heritage :

HN000 AllPeople, the digital heritage

HN001 Homo Dispensatio

HN002 We are not rabbits

HN003 Free software, free people

Testimonials from people who use AllPeople.

The basic idea behind AllPeople / intra-family transmission.

The main features of the application.

What the association does.

Who can use AllPeople?

The origin of the idea (creation story).

Why wasn’t AllPeople released earlier?

What is the purpose of AllPeople?

How do you introduce AllPeople to someone who doesn’t know the site?

The principles (rules, markers, values)?

The nature of shared experiences?

Sharing with a celebrity.

Post by a personality on the subject (or by an average user).

The AllPeople ecosystem

The future of the association.

We need your help

Spread the word and encourage people to share background information.

Data security.

Commitment to the project (long term, permanent access, in confidence).

The importance of data.

Stop burning libraries.

Preserving oral culture.

It’s always too late.

The end-of-life project.

I don’t want to give anything away because I’m not exceptional.

Religion and AllPeople.

Why not before?

Why is no one interested in intangible heritage?

Why is intangible heritage inevitable?