AllPeople: Preserving and Sharing Experiences for Future Generations

Our mission

AllPeople is a non-profit association under the French law of 1901, dedicated to preserving and sharing life experiences. Our mission is to connect people through their stories, knowledge and reflections, creating a bridge between generations.

The Origins

“At the birth of digital technology, it seemed to me that this revolution would usher in a new era in which it would be possible to preserve a little of each of us and navigate through this memory of humanity.

AllPeople gives you the opportunity to share your experiences, to accompany loved ones who are passing away, to help elders enhance their self-esteem and undertake end-of-life projects, to facilitate intergenerational transmissions and safeguard family histories, and to move away from material objects towards the essential within us.

This digital vision should help us to understand each other and to feel less empty as the end approaches. Sharing and helping to share are the two pillars of the project that will enable us to realize this individual memory of each of us and to access it in complete freedom.”


Patrick Eymard, Founder

Our Project: The AllPeople Application

At the heart of our association is the AllPeople application, an innovative digital platform designed to enable everyone to share their life experiences. Whether you want to share with the whole world or a smaller circle, AllPeople offers a secure, easy-to-use space to tell, preserve and pass on your stories.

Our application is designed to stand the test of time, ensuring that your precious memories are shared with future generations.

Join us on this adventure

AllPeople is more than an app, it’s a community of people united by the conviction that every story matters. Join us in preserving, sharing and discovering the stories that shape our world. Together, let’s create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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