Our story


It all began with Patrick, a young computer scientist driven by a bold dream. In the heart of the 80s, at the dawn of the digital age, he imagined a space where everyone could leave an indelible trace of their passage: a collective digital memory. The idea? To create a place where everyone could deposit their intangible heritage, enabling their experiences to cross time and generations.

Despite his research, Patrick soon realized that no one had yet brought such a vision to fruition. Years passed, technologies evolved, but his idea remained alive, like a flame that refused to be extinguished. For over three decades, this dream has remained with Patrick, fueling his passion and determination to see his project come to life one day.

Today, AllPeople is the fruit of that perseverance. What Patrick dreamed of in his youth is now a tangible reality, a thriving community where personal stories are shared, preserved and cherished. AllPeople is much more than an app: it’s a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and our universal desire to connect, share and endure.


For Patrick, the idea of AllPeople is more than just a technological project; it’s part of a profoundly societal mission. His aim? To enable the elderly to share their intangible heritage, assisted if need be by volunteers. This mission is dear to her heart, and has its origins in a deeply moving personal experience.

When her grandfather passed away, a biography he had written about his grandmother was discovered. This family treasure, first shared between the children, travelled from hand to hand, in danger of being lost at every turn. Finally, when it reached the grandchildren, Patrick, the eldest, was the first to receive it. His instinct? Scan the document and make several copies, to preserve this precious heirloom.

For ten years, the book circulated among the family, each member cherishing the memories it contained. In all that time, however, no one scanned it. It could easily have been lost, damaged or destroyed, thus erasing an irreplaceable part of their history.

This experience had a profound effect on Patrick. It showed him the importance of safeguarding our stories, our memories, our heritage. It was this awareness that gave birth to AllPeople and continues to motivate our company today: preserving the past to enlighten the future.


At AllPeople, our greatest commitment is to ensure that everyone’s experiences are never again lost in the meanders of time. We are driven by a burning passion: to create a collective digital memory, a virtual sanctuary where everyone can deposit their intangible heritage – their joys, their dreams, their life lessons – in complete security and confidence.

This mission is the beating heart of our project. It’s a goal that unites us and drives us forward, an ideal that we cherish and honor every day. And in this adventure, it’s the strength and support of our community of passionate volunteers that guides and inspires us.

Welcome to AllPeople. Here, every experience has its place, every voice is heard, and every memory is a treasure to be shared. We invite you to take the plunge and join us. Come and write down your experience, leave your mark on this great odyssey of memories. Together, let’s weave the fabric of a collective memory that will last forever.

AllPeople: A flourishing tree thanks to its Community

AllPeople flourishes like a robust tree, rooted in the collective history of humanity. The deeply intertwined roots symbolize our ancestral memories. The trunk, solid and resilient, represents AllPeople, ensuring the protection and accessibility of our digital heritage. The leaves, turned skyward, reveal the memories we choose to share, while the wise owl watches over our values and exchanges. Each bird building its nest illustrates an AllPeople user, weaving its own story into the fabric of our collective memory.

With gratitude, we recognize the essential role of our volunteers and ambassadors, the dedicated gardeners of this tree, whose commitment enables AllPeople to grow and prosper. Thank you for helping us write this story, from root to leaf.