The Project

Why AllPeople?

Preserving and sharing for future generations

Transmission and Preservation of Memories: At AllPeople, we offer a gentle and innovative solution for preserving the stories that are dear to you. Our mission is to fight oblivion by keeping alive the memories of the generations that preceded us and of our loved ones who left too soon. Unlike photo albums and paper documents, which age, our digital platform ensures the lasting, respectful preservation of these precious memories.

Enhancing the end-of-life experience: We aim to enrich the end-of-life experience by offering older people a valuable opportunity to share their legacy. By choosing to tell your story with AllPeople, you fight isolation and highlight the richness of your experiences.

Promoting Intergenerational Understanding and Respect: AllPeople encourages dialogue between generations and cultures. By sharing your personal stories, you help build bridges of understanding and respect, while providing an opportunity to reflect on your own life journey.

Working on Our Relationship with Objects: Our platform enables you to detach yourself from physical objects without losing the precious feelings attached to them. By digitizing and sharing your memories, AllPeople helps you preserve a rich intangible heritage while freeing up material space.

Accompanying a loved one at the end of life: AllPeople is an invaluable ally at the most delicate moments in life. When it comes to accompanying a loved one at the end of life, our platform offers a caring and secure space to share these poignant moments.

The AllPeople application

Your Space for Sharing and Conservation

A Project in Full Evolution, Accessible Now: Our AllPeople application is currently being created, with the promise of a simple and enjoyable user experience. In the meantime, we warmly invite you to start sharing and saving your precious experiences on our current platform. Your stories, shared today, are the gems that will enrich our community and pave the way for our future application.

Sharing made easy: Simply click on the button below, and you’re ready to share your experiences, anecdotes and memories. Whether you want to evoke joyful moments, pass on life lessons, or preserve the stories of a loved one, our platform is designed to make sharing both easy and deeply meaningful.

Our actions : Beyond Application

At AllPeople, we believe in the importance of community involvement. In addition to our application, we offer :

  • Volunteer Assistance: We have a team of volunteers dedicated to helping those who wish to share their experiences but need assistance, whether in writing, audio recording or video creation.

  • Sharing Workshops (coming soon): We regularly organize workshops to encourage the sharing of experiences, providing a space for members of our community to meet and exchange ideas.

  • Educational Support (coming soon): We work with schools and institutions to raise awareness of the importance of memory preservation and to integrate storytelling into education.